ATLinBusiness Marketplace

Did you know that Invest Atlanta launched a buy local website for Atlanta-based businesses to sell and market to other Atlanta-based businesses and corporations?

ATLinBusiness Marketplace offers smaller, diverse suppliers a first destination for greater access to a wide range of buyers to accelerate growth and generate new revenue streams. The platform showcases participating businesses’ capabilities, diversity classification, certifications and more.

According to Mayor Andre Dickens, ATLinBusiness Marketplace creates a more equitable business-to-business environment by connecting buyers and sellers in metro Atlanta, including minority-owned, women-owned and legacy businesses. “With this program, we aim to provide resources to support our local economy, create more good-paying jobs and ensure Atlanta is a city of opportunity for all,” explains Dickens.

The launch of the ATLinBusiness Marketplace also reflects buyer behavior, which has become increasingly digital. In fact, LinkedIn reports that nearly 40% of sellers say they have closed deals over $500,000 without ever meeting the buyer face-to-face.

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